life’s to-do list…

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably end up somewhere else.
– Lewis Carroll 

I’ve compiled a list of the big and not so little things that I would like to accomplish in my life.

This list is incomplete. It is a work in progress, much like myself.

I will update it as often as possible; crossing out items I’ve finished, adding new items, and removing items that may no longer be of interest. Some of the goals are rather far fetched and some are easily obtained, some are serious and some are whimsical. They are all goals, dreams, or wishes of mine and although I may not accomplish them all, I will certainly try.

Dream big. Dream small. Just dream.

Updated 10/19/2012


  • find my purpose
  • sell everything I own (04/2012 – link to post)
  • minimize my belongings (continually – in w/one, out w/another)
  • be more observant
  • learn something new everyday
  • help someone everyday
  • live, love, and laugh
  • read a book a week (trying, but so far – not so good)


  • visit america’s great national parks – zion, bryce canyon, grand teton, acadia, great smoky mountain, volcanoes, denali, yosemite, yellow stone, grand canyon, hoover dam, mount rushmore
  • visit all 50 states (finished 24: washington, oregon, california, idaho, montana, nevada, new mexico, arizona, texas, pennsylvania, louisiana, new york, new jersey, vermont, virginia, hawaii, north dakota, minnesota, wisconsin, illinois, kentucky, tennessee, alabama, mississippi)
  • visit all 10 canadian provinces (finished 5: british columbia, alberta, saskatchewan, ontario, quebec)
  • travel to all seven continents (finished 3: north america, europe, asia)


  • walk the Great Wall of China
  • hike the Inca trail to Machu Pichu
  • snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  • relax at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles
  • get a doctor fish pedicure at Odaiba hot springs in Tokyo, Japan
  • celebrate Carnival in Rio di Jenero
  • ride the Trans-Siberian Express
  • marvel at the Taj Mahal in India
  • hot air ballooning in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • see the Aurora Borealis in Alaska
  • visit the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal (05/2012 – link to post)


  • ride in a helicopter
  • sky dive
  • parasail (10/2012 – link to post)
  • rock climb (in college – would like to go again)
  • bungee jump
  • go on a: submarine, yacht, cruise, sail boat, clipper ship
  • swim with dolphins
  • go on a safari
  • ride a camel in the dessert
  • zip line through a forest canopy (10/2012 – link to post)
  • ride an elephant in the jungle
  • go to a gun range


  • build an igloo
  • chop down a tree with an ax
  • build a fire – no matches
  • dance in the rain
  • climb a tree
  • grow a garden
  • milk a cow (09/2012 – link to post)
  • sheer a sheep
  • learn how to build a cob house
  • shower in a waterfall
  • sleep under the stars


  • start a blog (04/2012 – link to post)
  • write daily
  • take an esl teaching class
  • teach english
  • produce a sketch everyday
  • write a book or two or three
  • get one thousand followers on Repurposed Redhead
  • write 100 blog posts
  • write an e-book or a collection of e-books
  • sign up for Toast Masters
  • learn the art of public speaking and give presentations


  • how to juggle
  • fly a plane
  • brew beer
  • make fruit wine (every chance I get – next batch strawberry – link to post)
  • take a self defense class (in high school – need a brush up course)
  • take an Improv class
  • learn how to Surf
  • learn French
  • learn a song on the ukulele


  • make peace with my student loans
  • stop living off my savings
  • figure out how to make money while travelling
  • sponsor at least one entrepreneur through Kiva every year (2012)
  • sponsor a child in India every year


  • start running, biking, swimming (kind of a prerequisite for the following – ha!)
  • run a half-marathon and marathon (12/2013 – Seattle half-marathon – link to post)
  • finish a triathlon or ironman
  • swim to alcatraz
  • bike seattle to portland
  • walk from canada to mexico
  • learn a bollywood dance, african dance, ballroom dance
  • do 50 push ups in a row
  • do a fast or cleanse (04/2012 – I think I will do another)
  • go to an ashram
  • do yoga
  • meditate


  • oktoberfest in Germany
  • scotch egg at a London street food stall
  • xiao long bao (soup dumplings) in Shanghai
  • corn dog at Coney Island
  • street food in Bangkok
  • bloody mary and brunch at the Foreign Cinema in San Francisco
  • salumi in Seattle
  • chicago deep dish pizza (09/2012 – link to post)
  • beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans (10/2012 – link to post)
  • voodoo doughnuts in Portland
  • kentucky bourbon in Kentucky

Goals that are not written down are just wishes. – Anonymous 

Do you have a list of life goals you want to accomplish? A bucket list?

Am I missing any amazing, interesting or unforgettable experiences? Let me know what kinds of things I should add to the list.

Thanks for reading!


18 responses to “life’s to-do list…

  1. Shame we can’t trade items on this kind of list. I could tick of a few of your list… and vice-versa!

      • OK, so I’ve snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, which takes Australia out of your Continent list. I have riden several camels, best ride was a couple of hours in the Uzbek desert, with only sounds from the sand being pushed on dry shrubs by wind and camel hooves. I can organize an ESL class for you. My wife runs a new ESL center at Bates Technical College in Tacoma. I can juggle 3 balls. I obviously speak Fench. And I could copy your list for Life in General, Places to visit, Do and See… almost word for word.

  2. Great list! I think you have inspired me too 🙂
    Your “Places to Visit” and “Do and See” categories appeal to me greatly!

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  5. Hi Rene – Great Lists!!! You have inspired me too. I”m going to start my lists now. If (when) you come to NY you can cross off the corn dog at Coney Island as well as surfing – I can take you to Rockaway Beach (about 45 min from my apt) to learn. Safe Travels!

    • Thanks so much Priscilla! I had such a wonderful time working along side of you, and getting to know you this past week in New Orleans. Now you are on my list of must visit friends – thanks for the invite to NYC. I hope I can take you up on the offer soon. Take care and keep in touch! – Rene

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  7. HI Rene- when you are in the Philly area, let me know there are a couple of items on your list, I can help you cross off.

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  10. you should add “have a pink squirrel in Milwaukee”- yes finally looking at your blog despite it being suggested quite some time ago!

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