TINY HOUSE – in is where it’s at

I’m getting really bad about this whole blog thing. I haven’t posted any progress updates in… gosh, I don’t know how long. Too long – that’s how long. This post is going to be a doozy – encompassing a bit of everything interior from top to bottom and everywhere in between.

I think I started working on the tiny house again back in February. I generally work on it full time during the week and relax on the weekends. I do take breaks from the tiny every now and then…

Like when the weather isn’t cooperative and I get stuck home in Seattle.Or when I fly off to Hawaii to elope. Or just to hold a sweet little boy for a while.

But mostly I’ve been working, working, working. Day in and day out – the tiny house is consuming my life. I think it’s worth it though, things are shaping up pretty nicely. Have a look for yourself.



I bought my kitchen from Ikea – some assembly was required. The plan is to use the open counter area as an eating/cooking area. There will be an induction burner and toaster oven that can be taken out for use and stored the rest of the time. A couple of bar stools that can slide under the counter will complete the dining space.



I wanted to keep things simple with the trim. Just a wood frame, slightly protruding from the face of the wall, finished off with a bit of caulk. It’s amazing what a little trim can do to make a space seem nearly complete.



Have you noticed a bit of a theme? Keeping the interior simple with a palette of white, grey, and light toned wood. The flooring choices follow this too.



Holy moly! This alone is quite the fete and I’m still not finished. It took a long time just to figure out how to route wires and place outlets, switches, and lights with no access to the exterior walls. I knew this was going to be an issue when I chose to use SIPS for the walls and roof. It took some creativity and a bit of electrical hide and seek, but I think I’m getting things where and how I want them. It also took a while to figure out how to wire different items and in what sequence so as not to be switching off items that were not intended to be switched. Very confusing indeed. Good thing my grandpa is an electrician, because this stuff can be tricky. I will get his seal of approval prior to plugging anything in. Fingers crossed.



There always seems to be something else to do. Random odds and ends to make this house a home – albeit a tiny one.

Well now, that is a bit of stuff. No wonder I’m tired. Can’t stop now though, the end is in sight and it will be glorious when I finally get there.

Thanks for reading!



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