TINY HOUSE – cedar and metal

It’s hard to believe that I’ve finished the exterior of the house. And even more astonishing, that I’ve done it almost all on my own. I’ve spent the last month or so finishing up the exterior and it is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!! The combination of cedar and metal is gorgeous – I’m so happy with how it all turned out.


I mean just look at it! It’s fantastic. Throughout the siding process I’ve spent lots of time just staring at it and when I wasn’t staring at it directly I was staring at photos of it. Silly I know, but I’m still rather amazed that I’m doing this and that it’s actually turning out. I mean… really… me? Are you kidding me? I did this? Yes. Yes, I did!


The bottom portion is 1×8 bevel or lap siding and the top portion is 1×8 channel siding. I purchased all of the cedar from a local family owned company in Bremerton – Cedar Products Company. They were great and made it super easy and fast to get what I needed and be on my way. I pre-treated all of the sides and edges of the cedar with a clear sealant and attached it with stainless steel star drive screws. The metal trim and siding is from a roofing company in Poulsbo. The guys at American Building and Roofing were very helpful. They spent a lot of time with me figuring out amounts and and getting my custom trim profiles just right. I had them make 4 custom trim types – outside corner, inside corner, belly band, and window side. This was in addition to the regular trim pieces – gable, eave, ridge, roof to wall, c-channel (at sides of metal siding), and a drip edge (used above the windows and door).

I put up the trim back in January after I finished the roof. I had hoped to get the siding on at that point as well but I just ran out of time. The tiny house sat for months while I went galavanting around India. I started working on it again in May. It turns out that doing construction work is much nicer in late spring as opposed to winter. I could work all day, have some dinner, and then work some more. This loveliness is the result of a lot of hard work and I have the bruises and soreness to prove it.

Take a look at some photos of the process. Man, there was a lot of process…

Some parts went very slow and others went super fast. The preparation for the cedar was very time consuming – measure, cut, sand, seal, and mark the screw holes. I also marked out where the top of each board would go on the walls. Once all this was done, actually putting up the siding went by in a flash. The triangular pieces on the ends were also took a bit of patience. There was a lot of climb up the ladder, measure, climb down the ladder, cut, climb up the ladder, fit piece, climb down the ladder, seal ends, climb up the ladder, attach board, repeat, repeat, repeat again. The metal siding was also more difficult than anticipated. Maneuvering those big pieces, fitting it into a tight area, cutting it (I thought my eyeballs were going to vibrate right out of my head), and getting it in place to attach without scratching the crap out of the fenders. The sheds (I know they’re only a foot deep but in the realm of the house, they are shed) were more work than I thought they would be. Figuring out how to frame them and attach them, all the extra trim and metal I had to cut (not to mention the extra roof area), and the doors. THE DOORS! Who knew little doors could be so difficult. Live and learn I guess.


It was all worth it though. All the sweat, the little bit of blood, and no tears. Of course there are little things that aren’t quite right, and some things I might have done differently in hindsight, but all in all I think its pretty darn good. No, it’s pretty darn amazing – that’s what it is.

Thanks for reading!



8 responses to “TINY HOUSE – cedar and metal

  1. Great work! Congratulations on the terrific accomplishment, it’s really something to be proud of, and LIVE IN!

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