TINY HOUSE – up on the rooftop

I started this post way back in December when I was actually working ‘up on the rooftop’. I meant to post it before I left for India, but alas that did not happen – obviously. So with little fanfare and absolutely no to-do – may I present… the roof.

You thought Santa was the only one who hung out on the roof this time of year? Oh, how wrong you are. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit up on the rooftop.

I decided to put a metal roof on the tiny house for several reasons: I like the look of metal, I thought it would fair better during travel, and it is lighter. I went with a corrugated metal in the natural color and got all of the materials from American Building and Roofing in Poulsbo,WA. They were great! Very knowledgeable and patient, they were even able to produce some custom metal trim pieces for me (more on those in another post).

December and January is exactly the wrong time of year to be putting a roof on a house. It is cold and rainy and the days are super short. It was rather miserable, but I persevered and got it done. There were some tricky bits (like around the skylights), and it required a bit of maneuvering to get off the roof once it was finished (I shimmied down through the roof window). I was straddling the ridge for several hours and sore for several days, but it was all worth it in the end and is quite lovely to behold.

It was a ton of hard work, many long hours during short winter days, battling through rain and sleet and snow… but every home needs a roof and this roof is beautiful.

Here’s a sneak peak of the next post – siding and trim. Coming soon… (it’s currently in progress).


After I finished the roof I took two months off to accompany my Grandmother on one of her quarterly visits to the Child Haven International homes in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. After my return to the states, I then took another month off from working on the house to deal with some family health issues. I finally started on the siding last week and it’s going swell and looking fabulous. It is so great when something that only existed in your imagination actually becomes a reality – pretty amazing.

Thanks for reading!


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