TINY HOUSE – my new wheels

When it come to tiny houses – the foundation is usually a trailer. I ordered my trailer from Iron Eagle Trailers down in Portland, OR. They came highly recommended via several tiny house blogs as well as the Portland Alternative Dwelling Company and their infamous leader Dee Williams. I was fortunate enough to attend a little workshop put on by PAD last July that included a tour of the Tiny House Hotel which is also in Portland.


Iron Eagles standard trailer.

Iron Eagle manufactures many different kinds of trailers and over the last several years they’ve refined a trailer specifically for tiny houses. Some of the key features are: 8′ wide by 20′ long, dual axle rated for 10,000 lbs, steel tube framing to resist bending and twisting, pre-drilled anchor holes for the floor, perimeter flange at all sides to support and anchor the walls, recessed cross members allow for 6″ of insulation and support for the floor, and LED lights. They also have some optional features which I fully partook of including:  galvanized bed flashing, 2″ flashing fin around the fenders, and leveling jacks at the corners.

I thought about buying a used trailer off of Craigslist, but it’s hard to know exactly what you’re getting and if there might be hidden damage lurking unseen. The price between new and old didn’t seem to be that great and I was overall more comfortable going with the new. So that’s what I did back in August. I put in my order and was told it would be a maximum 5 week wait, but that they might be able to squeeze it in earlier. Well…a week later I got a call saying they had a break in their schedule and that my trailer was finished and I could pick it up anytime. Yay!


Check out my new wheels.

I, of course, couldn’t pick it up for another 3 weeks due to my own scheduling conflicts, but I was able get some more time in at work to help pay for this increasingly expensive tiny house of mine. Having no car, let alone a truck to haul it – I needed to rely on the kindness and generosity of my wonderful step father (who happens to have many trucks and a ton of experience hauling trailers). Luckily he had some work to do down in Salem and could help me pick it up on his way home. Woohoo!

Next step was to get it registered up here in Washington and pay all the taxes I didn’t have to pay when I bought it down in Oregon. I got a cute little license plate to go with my cute little house. I’m legal now – well sort of…

A tiny license plate to go with my tiny house.

A tiny license plate to go with my tiny house.

A big thanks to my other dad Dan and a big thanks to the great folks at Iron Eagle for my fabulous foundation.


Thanks for reading!


One response to “TINY HOUSE – my new wheels

  1. Hi Rene,

    That is a very interesting project.
    Keep us updated.

    Steve said you might be able to travel with me sometime in the not too distant future. I have missed you. That would be very nice!!!! Let us know when you have time and you are ready to go back!

    With lots of love,


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