TINY HOUSE – sketching it out

The first step in going tiny (for me) is coming up with a design. Time to break out the old sketch book…

Like I said in my first tiny house post – I’ve been thinking tiny for quite a while now. It started with perusing the interwebs and the massive amount of tiny house info out there. From quaint to contemporary, salvaged to store-bought, on wheels to up in a tree; tiny houses span a wide range of design and aesthetic options. While I enjoy the cute little craftsman look and the tiny gingerbread gypsy wagon, I was drawn to the more contemporary side of the spectrum.

My earliest sketches were drawn on some stolen yellow trace paper while staying with friends in their very Swedish Stockholm apartment. These sketches ran the gamut from a fold up food truck to fold down studio with roof garden. I was exploring all aspects of a possibly tiny life and trying on ideas like I would try on shoes – too flashy, a bit snug, maybe a higher heel, how about a different color. Yes… I think that may be just about right.


From these simple outlines and ideas came another round of sketches – slightly more studied and refined.


Through this process one design emerged. A simple salt box with a sleeping loft above the living area, a kitchen and storage stair in the middle, and a bath with a small loft above at the back.


It will be built using SIPs (structural insulated panels) on a 20′ utility trailer and will have cedar siding and a metal roof. I like things clean and simple and this tiny house will certainly strive for that aesthetic.

I think I could have gone on and on, endlessly changing designs and strategies, shifting this way and that – but enough was enough and this design is going to be good enough for me. Perfection is probably not possible, but pretty darn good is pretty darn great!

Step two? Money…

Thanks for reading!

– Rene

4 responses to “TINY HOUSE – sketching it out

  1. Hello Rene, It has been awhile and look at you! Did you consider a camper or trailer with a little age on it? Also if it is portable and license able you can visit and maintain independence at the me time.
    Clint and Karen

    • Hi Clint and Karen – so nice to hear from you. I did consider many options including a used trailer, refurbishing a camper, building in a box truck, all sorts of things – I ended up going new on this first one. Who knows though, maybe one of those earlier options is also in my future. -Rene

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