EXPLORING – the world of running

“Run Rene, Run!” This is what I tell myself increasingly often these days. No, I am not in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and no, it’s not just because I’m about to miss the bus. It’s because I am attempting to train for and run the Seattle Half-marathon on Dec. 1. Yes, the Dec. 1 that is a week and a half away. I know, crazy.

I ran/walked more than ten miles on Sunday morning and I can finally walk normally again today. Yes, I am a bit masochistic in this pursuit, willfully causing my body pain – and for what? Exhaustion? Dehydration? The ability to proclaim that ‘Yes, I am a runner’. This is all part of the training plan that I am attempting to follow when injury or lack there of, allows me to. I started from zero running a mere 6 weeks ago and on Sunday I ran off and on about half of the nearly eleven miles. I know some of you may think this is not much, but it is quite the accomplishment for me.

IMG_5009I began this training as a way to get some physical activity into my weekly schedule. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t have something to work towards – I’m probably not going to put in the work. I’ve been back in Seattle, working at my old firm (I’m their sometimes employee) and after sitting at a computer all day, I really needed something to get me off my butt and moving. Running seemed like a good option – no gym membership, relatively little equipment (I did have to purchase some running shoes and non-fleece exercise clothing), and I’ve always liked the idea of running.

I used to love running – way back when I was little and it was super easy. I ran everywhere, just because I could. I guess I was kind of like Forrest Gump.

“From that day on, if I was ever going somewhere, I was running!” – Forrest Gump


There have been some setbacks on my road to half-marathoner. I am noticing my age and physicality (or lack thereof) much more than necessary. I’m pretty much sore at some place or another all of the time. But, I also feel great – after the hobbling exhausted post run breakdown period of course.

And now for a Dick and Jane rendition of my run.

See Rene. See Rene run. See Rene walk.

Oh look, Rene is running again. Rene is running very far.

She is thirsty. See Rene get angry at the broken drinking fountain.

Oh look, Rene is crossing the bridge.

Uh oh, Rene is very thirsty. See Rene get angry at another broken drinking fountain.

See Rene cross another bridge.

See Rene make a detour to the mini mart. Look at Rene guzzle that gatorade.

See Rene run. Rene runs around the lake.

See Rene walk. Rene walks up the very big hill.

See Rene finally reach the end and collapse in a heap on the floor. Rene is very tired.

See Rene hobble around the house. See Rene eat lots of papusas. Yum.

Oh, see. Rene is tired. Sleep Rene, sleep.


Ha ha ha. That was fun. I crack myself up. But no seriously – I was very tired and I did eat a lot of papusas. I was kind of worthless for the rest of the day. Hence why I’m writing this blog post now and not on Sunday as planned.


The real reason I’m writing this post is to tell you all about the Fundraising Campaign I started in conjunction with running the half-marothon. It is through CrowdRise and the funds will go to a charity near and dear to my heart – Child Haven International. I am hoping to raise $1000 – that’s only $10 from a hundred people or $100 from ten people. Tis’ the season for giving – right? Why not give it to some kids who really need it. Click here to visit my fundraising page “Run Rene, Run” – it’s super easy to donate. Please help support me and these truly deserving children. Thank-you.

Well wish me luck with the rest of my training. I will let you all know how the race goes and the fundraising of course.

Thanks for reading!


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