HELPING – myself

Well it’s been a little over a month since I’ve been back in the area I consider home, and I think it’s fair to say that I’ve adjusted back to North America. I’ve been enjoying the changing of the seasons, the bright sunny days and the cool crisp evenings, the myriad of colors, the shades of autumn. It is a beautiful time of year, albeit chilly. I guess I haven’t quite adjusted back to the Pacific Northwest climate yet.


The first week or so after I return from an oversees trip, I get lazy – real lazy. I just sit around and watch tv and eat whatever I feel like (which is usually just a bunch of crap) for a week or so and then, oddly enough, I start feeling like crap too. I know this is going to happen every time but I still go down that same rabbit hole. It’s a combination of things really – like the perfect trifecta leading to a sluggish, sleepy, slightly depressed version of me.

One of the first meals I had upon returning to America. The best and the worst.

One of the first meals I had upon returning to America. The best and the worst.

Part of it is going from an extremely sunny and warm climate to one that is, shall we say, less so. Can you say Vitamin D deficiency? – yes, yes you can. Another part is physical contact or lack thereof – going from an environment where I am surrounded by hugging, hand-holding, climbing-on-me-like-a-jungle-gym children to here where everyone exists in their own little bubble and the bubbles don’t touch all that often. This lack of physical contact, although I never really thought about it before, does make a difference.  Another factor and probably the biggest is diet and exercise. I go from eating healthy vegetarian meals and running around with kids all day to the SAD standard american diet and not doing anything all day.

I know all of this, and yet I do the same sad thing over and over again, with the same sad outcome over and over again. So that’s where I was a few weeks ago when I started to make some changes. I started taking vitamins again – most importantly that all too essential Vitamin D. I started working again – something to do all day, people to talk to, ways to engage my mind. I started exercising – training for a half-marthon in December. I started things up again with my baby – no I’m not dating anyone (that’s a whole different blog post) but I am living with my good friends again and their 5 month old baby (the baby snuggles help with the whole physical contact thing). I also started eating better – more vegetables, less crap. And guess what – it worked! Of course it did. I knew what I needed to do and just had to do it. Silly what we do to ourselves even when we are fully aware of the results. Stupid really. But as Forrest Gump’s Mamma says – “Stupid is as stupid does.” Yes, I admit – I can be stupid sometimes.

Baby Snuggles - can't get enough.

Baby Snuggles – can’t get enough.

So that’s where I am now. Feeling pretty darn good and enjoying where I’m at in life. Happy with the choices I’ve made and the places I’m going. Looking forward to this season and the next adventure (and of course getting back to the blog).

Thanks for reading!


4 responses to “HELPING – myself

  1. Wow, you really put that behavior into it’s place. I wish it were so easy for me to identify it, not like it so much….and then change it!! Very efficient! I hope to see you this weekend before you go back home!!

  2. welcome back. Understand your feelings fully, having lost my job as an elementary school nurse, and now living in Homer, Alaska with lots of cloudy rainy days. But, am blessed with a beautiful bay and view. And am back to being a Labor & Delivery nurse and on occasion get to hold babies for a few hours. They can be so nourishing.

    • Nourishing indeed. A labor and delivery nurse sounds like a very fulfilling job, I’m sorry to hear that you lost your previous job though. I’ve never been to Alaska, but it’s on my list. Sounds like such a wondrous and beautiful place. I don’t know if I could handle the winters, but a visit would be nice. Thanks for the comment! -Rene

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