LEARNING – the end

As I sit here in the Chennai Airport waiting for the first flight of my long journey home, I find myself pondering “endings”. I have been traveling for the past month and a half, visiting the children’s homes of Child Haven International. It is a trip that I have taken many times – a trip that holds many beginnings and thus many endings. Each new home we visit along the journey marks a beginning and eventually an end. It holds its own hellos and goodbyes, its own precious memories and lovely delights. This trip as a whole is at an end, and while searching the interwebs for the perfect quote to sum up some of my feelings about this ending I came upon these quotes instead…

Not quite the quotes I had in mind at the beginning of my search, but very fitting for my life and my views towards it.


This may be a John Lennon quote or it may just be from “The Exotic Marigold Hotel” movie – either way it’s excellent.


Today’s answer is yes, yes, and yes.


Regret is a sad and sorry thing. I hope to avoid it…


I don’t know if it begins there, but it certainly gets a heck of a lot more interesting there.

So if this is an ending there must be a new beginning, right? Yes, of course. When one door closes blah blah blah. I’m not quite sure what is beginning, but I’m sure I will make the most of it.

Thanks for reading!



4 responses to “LEARNING – the end

  1. I’m sure something interesting and new will jump into your path before you know it. I am very glad you will be home for a bit!

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