HELPING – it’s my friends baby

You know how new parents think their child is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world? Well, this is not my baby but sometimes I pretend like she is I’m pretty darn sure that she’s the cutest little creature ever. When I see her I feel like that creepy little girl with the red hair from the Loony Toons – I just want to hold her, and squeeze her, and love her, and kiss her… You get the point. I just can’t seem to get enough of those cute little baby snuggles. And the coos, oh the coos. Did I mention that my heart just melts every time she smiles? Oh Baby, what have you done to me!

Momma's Little Bug

Momma’s Little Bug

My good friends, Rachel and Marc, the ones I stay with on my periodic stints in Seattleland, recently had a baby. Not just any baby mind you, the most beautiful baby in the world (to coin a phrase of my grandfathers). Little Miss Gabriella Rose – oh my. She stole my heart from the very first moment and hasn’t released it since.

The happy little family. Photo from LoveSongPhoto.

The happy little family. Photo from LoveSongPhoto.

I’ve been living in her room on and off for the past several months, while she’s been living upstairs with her parents. I switched around my schedule so that I would be there to help them out with everyday household things (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc) so that they could focus on taking care of sweet little Gabby.

Nothing seemed to fit her at first - that quickly changed.

Nothing seemed to fit her at first – that quickly changed.

Some people really hate the household chores. I don’t mind them. In fact, I even enjoy them to a point. Especially cooking, I really enjoy cooking. But even doing the dishes and folding clothes, it doesn’t bother me. They are pretty mindless tasks and sometimes that can be a very good thing – to have your hands busy but your mind able to roam free. Maybe it’s because I had spent the prior 5 months not doing a whole of household chores – certainly no cooking, or maybe it because I’ve never really minded these chores, especially the cooking.

Cooking is my favorite and I must say – I’m pretty darn good at it. My friends would get a box of seasonal fruit and vegetables each week and I could let my creativity flow coming up with new combinations and old favorites. The best beef pot ever with leftover pot roast, a ton of hearty vegetables, and a homemade flaky buttery crust. A twist on spaghetti carbonara with home cured salmon instead of bacon and tons of garlic wilted spinach. We had many many salads like kale with roasted beets and goat cheese, and fresh green salad with apple slivers and candied pecans. So many wonderful foods, my mouth is watering just recalling them. I’m glad I got my fill of cooking over the past several months because the coming two months will contain no cooking whatsoever.

But let’s get back to the point of this blog post – the baby. The precious, adorable, tiny, snuggly, oh so sweet smelling baby. I just love her.

Her first bath at home. She was so tiny.

Her first bath at home. She was so tiny.

Thanks for reading!


7 responses to “HELPING – it’s my friends baby

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  2. I definitely see Rachel when I look at her. =) I’m jealous you got all the baby snuggles. I know I talk smack about kids, but I LOVE the baby snuggles.

  3. She is absolutely beautiful and I totally agree that when a baby smiles they light up your heart. So Renee you will have to cook me dinner sometime ha ha .

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