HELPING – with social media

You’ve all heard me go on and on about Child Haven International, my grandparents charity that supports children and women in developing countries. You’ve read about the many trips I’ve made to visit each of the homes in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet. You’ve read about the beautiful, amazing, exuberant children who are getting a fair chance at life thanks to this amazing organization. I truly hope you’re not tired of my yammering, that you actually enjoy hearing about life in rural India among 200 formerly destitute children. I hope you enjoy the stories, the triumphs and the tribulations, the inspiration and incredible humor that little children bring to our lives. I hope you like it – because I’m going to be doing a whole lot more of it.

My latest endeavor is tackling the social media for Child Haven International. I will be updating their Facebook Page and writing their blog, maybe I will even take on the Twitter feed. I have a lot to learn about social media in general, but especially how it can benefit and enhance the work of non-profits.


This organization is my grandparents life’s work and I am both honored and humbled to help. Being a small non-profit, the budget has always been tight. CHI often operates on a ‘hand-to-mouth’ basis, struggling to raise enough money to get the homes through one month to the next. We are hoping to change that – to give a little cushion in the cash crunch and ensure that the work my Grandparents have done lives on in perpetuity.

This July 14th is my Grandparents, Fred and Bonnie Cappuccino’s, 60th Wedding Anniversary, their very own Diamond Jubilee. It’s amazing and wonderful and quite unusual this day and age. This entire year we are focusing on raising funds for a $6 million Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund for Child Haven International.


Those of us at Child Haven would like to commemorate the work they have dedicated their lives to, and ensure that it continues unabated into the future by working to make this dream a reality. We can use all the help we can get, and that means getting the word out!

Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Take a gander at the Blog.

And then… tell others about this amazing couple and the work that they do. Here is a link to the latest Child Haven Blog entry – The Top Ten Ways to Help. Take a look if you’re interested in helping more.


We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. – Ronald Reagan


This past weekend there was a great article written in Toronto’s Globe and Mail about my Grandparents and Child Haven – here is the link. It is wonderful to have such positive publicity and we hope it’s just one of many.


Thanks for reading!


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