EXPLORING – my past

Last week I spent a few days going through a box of keepsakes and random stuff from my past. Funny what items we choose to keep and which we choose to throw away. Here is a peak at my random collection of memorabilia of years gone by.


Yep, that’s me – a redhead even at birth. I was pretty cute wasn’t I? I don’t know what happened… My mom likes to tell the story of my birth. In fact she wrote it in a journal that she gave to me during me tweenage years.


We were supposed to pass the journal back and forth between her and I. It was to ask and answer questions, to share stories and concerns, a secret way to stay connected – just me and mom.


We wrote it in a few times, but like most other journals that I’ve attempted to keep in my life, it ended fairly shortly after it began. Looking back I of course wish that there had been more, but I am happy for the little that there is.


Here is the box at the beginning.


I think this is first grade. Some things never change – I still love spaghetti.


Of course the random assortment of certificates and awards. The 25 minute joggers club – I need to work on joining that again.


My third grade yearbook.


Again with the spaghetti…


I like to think that he just had a crush on me and that’s why he first called me stupid. Boys… what can you do with them?


Yes, that’s my hair – from three different cuttings. I even have a small ponytail of my sisters hair. I know it’s a bit strange and I’m not really sure why I have so much hair. I don’t know what to do with it, so it just ends up back in the box. I guess if I ever go bald I can make myself of wig, right??


Can you say awkward? Oh, those horrible teenage years of braces and bad hair days, pimples and tacky clothes. Wow…


I did eventually grow out of that phase.


Tassels from my four graduations. High School, Community College, University Bachelors and Masters.


High school graduation with my brother, father, and grandfather.


This is part of a gift that I gave my parents maybe around the age of 13. I know this because of the troll paper. I went through a bit of a troll phase…

This is what the paper says:

Dear Mom + Dad,
In this small unique bag lies a part of me.
Like a stamp, I like to think that I leave a part of me with whoever I meet.
Like a thimble protects your finger, I like to protect my family and friends.
Like a piece of tape, I like to know that I can at least try to keep people together.
Like a puzzle piece belongs to a puzzle, I know that I belong in my family.
Like a small simple piece of paper, I like to know that I can be simple but also very useful.
Like a ribbon around your finger reminds you of an important date, I like to remind people who are in sadness that they are loved.
Unlike a puppet, I do not want to be played and toyed with and made fun of. I like to be my own individual person.
Like a candle symbolizes hope, I like to feel that I keep peoples spirits soaring upwards.
And in conclusion, I’d like to say that like you, I would like to be a great parent when I grow up.

Super cheesy, ooey gooey and gushing with sentimentality – but a lot of it still holds true.


At the bottom of the box, my one souvenir of Hawaii – land of my birth and a place which I haven’t been back to since. One day it will happen. Yes, it will.

Well that concludes this trip through the scattered remnants of my past. What keepsakes to you have stored away from years gone by? Where do your memories lie and how do you rekindle them when your brain needs reminding?

Thanks for reading!


8 responses to “EXPLORING – my past

  1. I loved seeing these items from your past! I keep cards that I receive in the mail or from folks on special occasions. It’s my way of connecting with happy times from my past, especially when I’d like to remember my grandmothers. They were great card/letter writers. =)

    I have a box at my place that some things you may wish to check out. I couldn’t tell you what’s inside, but they are things from when you lived here in Seattle. It would be great to hear the stories behind those items too!

    I’m excited to see you and I hope your time back has been wonderful!

    P.S. I love the journal entry your mom wrote to you. That was beautiful.

    • Thanks for the comment Devra. I have a few old cards and letters too. It’s great to look back on them and remember a certain event or time in our lives. It’s also funny to look back at my own writing through the years – picking out trends and how my opinions and thoughts have changed. -Rene

  2. You are a wonder! I’m glad you’ve held onto those things, they do bring back many memories. Thank you!

  3. Again, thanks for sharing more of you. As for me, I have scrapbooks, photo books, files, and journals galore. Aside from unfinished manuscripts, and poetry, I’m working to put into a book.

    • That’s wonderful that you’re putting together a manuscript. I hope it goes well, looking forward to hearing (reading) more about it. Scrapbooks and photo albums are invaluable memory keepers. Thanks for the comment. -Rene

  4. Oh isn’t it fun looking at our mementos? i recently did that and laughed, cried and really enjoyed that trip down memory lane. Thank you so much for sharing yours with us 😉

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