EXPLORING – goodbyes

As I sit here in the Frankfurt Airport, halfway between two worlds that I am increasingly connected to, I find myself pondering goodbyes. Although I have said many goodbyes and hellos throughout the last five months of traveling in India, this last one was more difficult. Yesterday I said goodbye to the Child Haven home in Kaliyampoondi, near Chennai India.
I have spent a good deal of time there over the past five months, as well as the past five years, and the longer I seem to stay, the harder it is to say goodbye. It is especially difficult when one beautiful tiny smiling face after another tells me not to go, to stay just a little longer. But go I must, and so I am.
Although I am sad to be leaving, I am very happy to be seeing my other world again. I am overjoyed to soon be saying hello to my family and friends that I left so long ago.
I must admit that am not very good at goodbyes. I usually rush them and don’t express how much I care about or how much I will miss those that I am leaving. Maybe it’s because I know I will see most people again or maybe I’m simply afraid of showing too much emotion. This last goodbye was better.
I have to remind myself how I lucky I am to know people that are so hard to say goodbye to. I am very fortunate to love and be loved by many.
I will remember the last looks, the final hugs or hand shakes – bittersweet memories to last me until next time.

It is true that every goodbye makes the next hello even better.

Where is the “good” in goodbye? How do you deal with the inevitable departures we must make in this life?

Thanks for reading!

6 responses to “EXPLORING – goodbyes

  1. If we think of ourselves as spiritual or conscious beings, we are always with the ones we love. I grew up in an Air Force family and from an early age experienced the pain of saying good-bye to good friends. It did make me a too trusting and easy to befriend person but true love and friendship transcends the bounds of time and space.

    • Thanks so much for the comment. I couldn’t have said it better myself. You are so right about the transcending power of friendship. I have some friends, whom I hardly ever speak to. Yet, when we get together it is like no time has passed at all. We just pick up where we left off, filling each other in on the bits and pieces of our individual lives. Goodbyes don’t exist with this friends, they will always be there. -Rene

  2. This is a really touching post, Rene. I guess I think of goodbyes as see you laters, because I always feel like there is a chance or opportunity to reach out to or see the person from whom you are separating. I always hold out hope that the ones I leave whom I love will somehow be reconnected with me later on. I hope you’ll have the opportunity to reconnect to those you had to say goodbye to! And I’m excited that you’ll be able to say hello to us back in Seattle!

    • Thanks Devra. That is an admirably way of viewing goodbyes. It’s simply a see you later. I know that I will see the people I left again, and not so very long from now. It is good to keep that in mind and focus on all the wonderful friends and family I am soon going to see, including you. -Rene

  3. How wonderfully blessed you are to have the people to say goodbye to..Conciously we allow goodbyes to be painful and full of longing yet we have to remember with each goodbye, there is a new hello waiting.. everything has a balance..
    I know your family & friends are eager to see you and say “Hello”!!

    • Too true Lynne. I am happy to soon be home and seeing my family and friends. My grandmother will be so happy to have me home for Easter, she’s gonna burst. Goodbyes are an inevitable part of life (its no good dwelling on them) and your right – each one does lead to a new hello. Thanks so much for the comment. -Rene

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