HELPING – with water

Remember back in October when I donated my birthday to Charity: Water. If you need a memory jog, you can read the original post here. Well… I got an email from Charity: Water and I thought I would share it with all of you. It is you, after all, you who donated the money. Thanks to your generous contributions, several families in Cambodia will soon have access to clean safe drinking water. We are still at the beginning of the process so I will keep you updated as the progress continues.

Hi Rene,
we sent the money you raised to Cambodia.
Last year you fundraised to help bring clean and safe water to
people in need. We’d like to update you on the following:
bye bye birthday $331.00 Cambodia
Building water and sanitation projects is a time-consuming business. We allow 18 months because we don’t consider a project complete until we know that all of its components are in place and working for the best of the community. Here’s a timeline of what happens during the 18 months.
You are currently at the 3-6 months step in the 18 month process
We send
your money
to the field.
Our partners
get permits,
supplies, pick
sites & begin
the work.
Our partners
collect midterm
reports & send
us the
Our partners
finish the work
& train the
communities to
manage their
water point.
12-15 MONTHS
Our partners
collect final
photos, GPS
& community
15-18 MONTHS
We receive
completion reports,
verify the data,
assign your dollars
to projects & send
you your report.

14.3M people live in Cambodia. 36% live without clean water.
More than 14 million people live in Cambodia and 36% lack access to clean drinking water. Diarrheal disease is a leading cause of death here, especially for kids.Thanks to you, our local partner, Samaritan’s Purse, and their implementing partner, Clear Cambodia, are busy helping communities build 18,000 household BioSand filters in 325 villages, serving 108,000 people. A BioSand filter consists of a layer of good bacteria and layers of sand and gravel that filter out 99% of harmful bacteria in dirty water. Each BioSand filter costs about $70 and can serve a family of six.Once your water projects have been fully completed, our partners will go back and collect GPS coordinates, photos and other details about each community using their new water source. Then, they’ll send all of the data to us. We’ll verify everything and create an online completion report so you and all of your donors can see the impact you made.
Thank you for joining our mission.
— the charity: water team

Thanks again for all of you support. If you happened to miss you chance the first time around, here is another… Donate to Charity: Water here.

Thanks for reading!


4 responses to “HELPING – with water

  1. Hi Rene, I got that email too and found it very interesting. I was happy they followed up with who was being helped.

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing what ended up happening with the donations. Clean water and sanitation systems are so vital to improved health outcomes, and I’m glad you were able to inspire people to give to such a great cause.

  3. That’s wonderful.. It’s also why Charity Water is one of the most respected Non-Profit orgs out there..can’t wait to see the end follow up report!!

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