LEARNING – hunger

I have been oddly hungry for the past week or so – actually ever since I arrived in Hyderabad. I’m not really sure what the reason is for the sudden onset of hunger pains. I thought for a moment that perhaps I had a parasite that has been snatching away all of my nutrients, but I kind of doubt that is the case. I think it is merely adapting to a slightly different menu and climate.

In any case, the other day I went out and bought a few snack items to eat when I got the munchies between meals. I quickly remembered why I hardly ever buy snack foods – because I eat them all immediately. I always have the best of intentions, to just eat a little, a handful or two… Nope. As soon as a bag is opened I will keep eating whatever it is until that bag is empty.

I’m a glutton for potato chips, what can I say?

It doesn’t really matter if I am hungry or not – if there are snacks, I will eat them. Even if I think I am going to save them and make them last, it doesnt matter. I know the snacks are there, just waiting for me. This is why I hardly ever buy snacks at home. On the rare occasion that I do, I get the smallest bag possible because I know I’m just going to eat the whole thing. Talk about a lack of self control. Shame on me.

Needless to say, all of my snacks are now gone. I’ve learned my lesson, yet again. No snacks for me (at least not until I can keep myself from eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting). It’s really too bad because now I want a cookie.

The worst part is – I’m still hungry. Hmm… maybe I do have a parasite?!?


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15 responses to “LEARNING – hunger

  1. Rene, the nurse in me says you’re having a nutritional deficiency, easy to understand where you are. IF you can get your hands on some vitamins may be helpful. Also, try and see an ayurvedic or Tibetan medicine doctor – if you start to lose energy or too much weight.

    • Yes Karen – you have real delicious food. I remember well. Not to worry, I only have another month and half until I’m back to the western world where there is an over abundance of everything. I just hope it doesn’t make an over abundance on my hips. – Rene

  2. Re the protein comment above; hard to get enough at the Homes. They sell Peanut butter Sun City (not Florida!) and bread or crackers. Might help. It did for me.

  3. Try getting some of the roasted chick pea or lentil or chick pea flour snacks… usually spicey, tasty, and sometimes have nuts or dried fruits included as well…. greasy – but, hey – they are snacks. The good part – aside from being “tasty” – is the protein in the beans and nuts.

  4. I feel your pain! I am also a sucker for chips. Now that I have given them up – they remain my true craving. Enjoy the myriads of exotic snack foods you’ll find there. So many there are actually healthy!

    • Myriad of snacks is right – there are so many to choose from. I’ve really come to the fried Dahl. Yes, it’s fried, but at least it has some protein in it. Thanks for the comment! – Rene

  5. Your brother is the same way, whole bag of chips in one sitting. I have to take them away from him like a kid lol 🙂

    • Yes, maybe we were deprived of snack foods as children or maybe it’s just our families love of salt. I don’t know, but I’m glad I’m not alone. Thanks for the comment Sarah. – Rene

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