HELPING – more than just a home

In Nepal there is a wonderful sense of peacefulness and spirituality which surrounds and envelops you. Perhaps it is the predominance of the Buddhist religion, perhaps it is simply the magic that exists deep in this valley in the midst of these magnificent mountains. Despite the millions of people, the constant honking of horns and barking of dogs, the bone jarring pot holes that litter the roadways, the pollution, the trash, the poverty… Despite all of this, there is a sense of peace that pervades. The Child Haven Home in Kathmandu is no exception. Amid the laughing and yelling of little voices and in the smiles of every single child, Nepals peace shines through.

Not only does Child Haven International have a Childrens Home in Kathmandu, but in order spread the sense of peace and well-being to others, Child Haven provides some financial support to other worthy Nepalese organizations who are helping to uplift the status of children and women, by enabling and aiding them to lead healthy, dignified, and prosperous lives. Here are some of the wonderful organizations that Child Haven is proud to support.

The Women’s Foundation

Technical Skill Development Center for Blind and Disabled

Youth Activities Upliftment Center

Palden Pawo Buddhist Foundation – Nanhang Monastery

Gaurav Youth Unity Society

Child Haven also funds and runs the Green Tara Child Haven School which provides education from Montessori through grade 7 to the children from the Child Haven Home and also provides full sponsorship to 83 children in the surrounding community who may not attend school otherwise due to lack of funds. The school offers additional training in Computers and Tailoring to children and young adults in the neighborhood.

Recently, Child Haven has also begun helping to facilitate and fund the surgeries of women suffering from Uturine Prolapse. This is a very common but often unspoken of condition in many developing nations.

“Prolapse happens when the ligaments supporting the uterus become so weak that the uterus cannot stay in place and slips down from its normal position.” –

It occurs when women are not able to take adequate rest after giving birth. Many women must return to the fields or the factory within days after childbirth. Their bodies are not allowed proper time to recover and heal. Uturine Prolapse can vary in degree of severity and many women go years or their entire lives without getting their condition remedied.

Child Haven is helping 12 women from some of the most remote areas of Nepal to come to Kathmandu and receive surgical assistance for the uturine prolapse. Their trip involves a two day walk and a 14 hour bus ride. They will have their surgery at a nearby hospital and recover there for 24 hours and then take up residence at the Child Haven Home for an additional 5-7 days of recuperation. This surgery will dramatically change their quality of life, enabling these women to resume their normal day to day activities without the pain, uncomfortableness, and humiliation that this condition causes.

All of these endeavors would not be possible if it weren’t for the generosity and kindness of individuals like you. It takes many people donating what little money they can spare to enable all of these worthwhile projects to take place. During this holiday season please consider a gift to Child Haven International. It is the gift of life to so many who have so little. Happy Holidays.

Peace on Earth. Good Will to All.

Thanks for reading!


4 responses to “HELPING – more than just a home

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I am constantly amazed by how much Child Haven is able to do with their limited funds. Three of the women suffering from Uterine Prolapse came to the home today for treatment. It was the first time one of them had eaten green vegetables in her life and she is 73. Amazing. – Rene

  1. Rene, this is such a great blog entry, as with your others, you are a very talented writer. I was unaware of all the organizations that CHI helps. Thank you for educating us all. xxoo

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