LEARNING – living on purpose

Remember when you were young and your parents would ask, “Did you do that on purpose, or was it an accident?” This was usually the result of doing something naughty; like pushing your little brother into a mud puddle or “accidentally” ruining your shoes so you could get a new pair. In any case, this simple phrase would cause immediate guilt and fear of repercussions.

They are pretty powerful words if you think about them.

Did you do that on purpose?


Was is just an accident?

What if we took these questions and asked them in relation to our lives? What kind of answer would you have?

It is difficult and sometimes terrifying to examine your own life and give an honest answer to these sort of questions. When I did finally ask myself, I realized that I had known the answer for quite some time. I was not living on purpose. I was barely living on accident. I was merely floating through; waiting for my real life to begin…

I don’t really know what I was living while waiting for real life, but it was not the happiest place on earth – far from it. Oh sure, there were some happy times. There were some gloriously stupendous times. But, there was always something missing. Something lacking deep down in the core of my being – I needed more. I needed purpose.

It seems a shame that we have stopped asking this question of ourselves and others. I imagine it is far more crucial to ask this of adults rather than children. We all need reminders. We all need that friend or inner voice that will say, “Are you happy? Are you living life on purpose? Or are you just floating through and letting life happen on accident?”

Doing something on purpose requires thought and intention. It requires you to be present in the moment and for you to care about the benefits and consequences of the decision you are making. And when you are making or avoiding choices about your life, those are the most crucial decisions of all.

I definitely do not have all the answers, but I am intent on trying to figure them out. Isn’t the first step of any rehabilitation program to admit that you have a problem? I did this when I started this blog. I realized I was not content with the direction (or non-direction) my life was going, and I decided to do something about it. Most people would not choose such a drastic course of action (quitting my job, selling all my belongings, and hopping on a bus to be a volunteering vagabond), but that is what I thought might work for me. And…so far it has.

I am happy. I am learning, and helping, and exploring. I am living intentionally, with purpose in my decisions and curiosity in my soul.

I am currently sitting at a Tim Horton’s in Hinton, Alberta waiting to board yet another Greyhound Bus that will take me all the way to Saskatchewan. There I will embark on a new journey of education, experience, and entertainment. Thank you for accompanying me thus far on my journey to purpose. I hope in some small way that by seeing my struggles and rewards, you too can find the courage to take life head on.

So ask yourself – Are you living life on purpose? Or is it all just an accident?

Thanks for reading!

– Rene

9 responses to “LEARNING – living on purpose

  1. Hello Rene, Enjoy keeping up with you. Thanks for allowing us to tag along. Our trail ride in the mountains was great. Heifers left yesterday and Fall is here. I better get to work on the root cellar. Clint

    • Thanks Clint! I’m so happy you guys had such a great time on the trail ride – it’s sounds awesome. I can’t believe how fast the summer went by, it seems like it just started. Better get to work, that root cellar is not going to build itself. – Rene

    • Thanks for the comment John. Life is nothing but choices, one leads to another and yet another. I get so aggravated with people who complain about their lives and yet continue to make the same choices that got them there in the first place. – Rene

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