LEARNING – traveling takes time

I am now back in Seattle having finished the final flight of my India-Nepal-Bangladesh tour. I’ve done the calculations and it turns out that I have been on a total of 22 flights in the last two months, with a total flight time of 65 hours. Whoa!

Looking ahead on the tiny flight from Vancouver to Seattle.

If I were to add in an average two hour wait time at the airport per flight, the total time would jump to 109 hours. If I then add in the average time it takes to get from the airport to the final destination, say an hour and a half each way for each flight, the total jumps again to 175 hours.

Given that there are an average of 1,440 hours in a two month period, this means that I was flying/waiting/traveling for just about 12% of the total time. If I subtract out 8 hours per day for sleep, the percentage of travel time jumps up to 18%. That’s an average of 3 hours per day for 60 days. Wow! No wonder I’m so tired…

Is it me or does this wheel look out of place all the way up here?

Thanks for reading!


2 responses to “LEARNING – traveling takes time

    • Maybe for a little while… but I will definitely be looking at alternative modes of transportation for the next journey – I have had enough planes for now. Thanks for the comment Kathy!

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