EXPLORING – pre monsoon nepal

Ahh…relief. We were welcomed in Nepal with lovely, wonderful, cooling, wet rain. It was such a drastic contrast from the dry heat of Hyderabad that for a moment I almost forgot that I was halfway around the world from home.

Living in Seattle, I suppose I sometimes take the rain for granted. It is constant and reliable and, apart from the coffee, what we are known for. We are so inundated with rain in fact, that we often complain about it and wish it away.

Rain. Rain. Go away. Come again another day.

My brief time living and traveling in this region of the world has taught me to truly appreciate how glorious and wondrous this thing we call rain is. Not only because it provides such needed relief from the oppressive heat, but because it’s necessity is so apparent in the life cycles of this land.

Nepal is currently experiencing what is known as pre monsoon. A series of heavy thunder storms that sporadically shower the area with torrential downpours. It begins as a slight sprinkle but the skies quickly darken, the winds pick up speed, and the rain comes down heavy and hard. Today’s storm even had hail. These storms come abruptly and seem to leave just as fast. They immediately cool the entire area down. I even got some goose bumps, a welcomed change from the prickly heat rash I had in Kaliyampoondi.

We journey to Bangladesh tomorrow and back into the heat and humidity. Nepal has been a lovely respite and I look forward to returning in just about a week.


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4 responses to “EXPLORING – pre monsoon nepal

  1. Yes, the rains were so wonderful we brought them with us to Bangladesh. They were needed even more there. The air would get so thick with humidity that it seemed to just burst into showers every few days. What a relief! Thanks for the comments.

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