EXPLORING – spring in seattle

I went for a little walk around the neighborhood this morning. Trying to soak up as much of Seattle as possible before heading off to unknown lands and mysterious places. This city is absolutely gorgeous in the spring. Everything is alive and just bursting with spectacular color, mesmerizing smells, and sweet song (except for that weed-wacker down the street).

My stroll took me down the Burke-Gilman trail and through Gasworks Park at the northern edge of Lake Union. This park was originally a plant that manufactured gas from coal. It became obsolete in the 1950’s and was later acquired by the city and opened as a public park in 1975. It affords magnificent views of the city skyline and is a popular place to watch the fireworks show on Independence Day.

De Libertas Quirkas – Fremont’s unofficial motto – Freedom to be peculiar.

I then hopped on the trail again and wandered down to Fremont – the purported “Center of the Universe”. Fremont is not for everyone – it attracts a certain breed of Seattleite. The unofficial motto “De Libertas Quirkas” (“Freedom to be Peculiar”) says it all. Artists, musicians, free-spirits – everyone is welcome here, but not everyone can call it home.

Feeling a tad hungry after my morning escapades, I stopped by the pie shop for some savory goodness. Pie for breakfast? Yes, please! A cheesy, gooey mixture of broccoli and red potatoes all stuffed inside that buttery flaky crust – so delicious and a perfect little portion.

On my walk back up the hill, I tried to just take it all in – the rainbow of tulips, the lilacs that are just starting to bloom, the myriad of fruit trees, and all of the happy smiling people that I pass along the way.

I like to think that all this beauty is just for me. That Seattle is putting on a show and trying with all her might to woo me into staying. I’ve got to say – it’s pretty tempting. These last couple weeks would have made anyone fall in love with this city. Maybe it’s because I’m leaving and more cognizant of everything around me – but I just don’t recall spring being so lovely before.

Thanks for reading!


4 responses to “EXPLORING – spring in seattle

  1. We were at Gasworks too, Sunday afternoon. And as much as I relate to your need for more purpose in life, I have to agree it felt good living here.

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